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No more tilting

Tired of losing over and over again with bad teams? Want to reach ranks where games are thrilling and fun? Simply have no time to grind? Let us take care of it.

With us you get:

  • New rank every day
  • Improved matchmaking
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Flexible schedule

How it works

Choose your
current rank
Choose one of the boosting options we offer
Confirm your order and make the purchase
Get your boost started within 15 minutes

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After the purchase you will be redirected to our Member’s Area, where you can:

  • Chat with your booster at any time
  • Spectate your booster’s games
  • Pause your orders at any time
  • Receive 24/7 live support, and more


0% chance of
getting banned
Choose the role and
champions we play
Your friends won’t see
the booster online


“Got what I paid for. Recommended.”
Platinum IV
“Hatz was one of the nicest people I have ever played with”
Gold IV
“10 games - 10 wins, amazing job!”
Gold I
“Carried game where I lost line 0/7, 5 stars for that ))”
Gold II
“Good Boost, Support Staff Was Great”
Gold II
“Insanely fast boost, got my border just in time, GG booster”
Platinum I
“Amazing Thanks man for this mini order, gonna order a full elo boost again”
Silver II
“Great booster with a friendly attitude!”
Platinum III
“Great player, very friendly, would duo again”
Platinum IV
“14 wins, 1 loss. Superb performance 10/10”
Platinum III
“Friendly and professional playing :)”
Platinum II
“I appreciated the work he did, he was very good, palyed the roles I asked for and was very polite. Hes never a bad choice for you :)”
Gold III
“amazing order, very fast and good”
Gold IV
“all good thank you”
Gold I
Silver I
“super fast ”
Silver II
“Best Adc Booster so far :D”
Silver II
“Finished placements in 1 day, great job!”
Platinum II
“Finished the boost in time and was also very friendly ”
Diamond IV
“Meduzko is a friendly booster, without question! offers tips upon request as well.”
Gold I
“<3, Friendly and quick”
Platinum IV
“the booster was great, 5 stars ”
Platinum I
“fun to watch and play when you have master in your team vs gold”
Platinum IV
“Ten outta ten games won, so that's what I rate you ;)”
Gold II
“Completed order quick and easily!”
Platinum III
“Excelent ”
Silver I
“Good games, even if we lost, he carried hard!”
Diamond IV
“nice. hard to talk but i didn't order to talk. got his businesses done and thats all that matters :)) ”
Bronze I
“This Guy Is Great, i don't even care when we lose because its usually not his fault. i just love him 10/10”
Gold II
“won all games, legend.”
Platinum I
“Got My Plat, Thanks!”
Platinum IV
“Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to working more with you!”
Gold I
“Guy taught me how to be a booster. You gotta hire me now”
Platinum IV
“Paid for 8 wins, got 8 wins, nothing else to say”
Silver I
“That was neat, thank you =)”
Gold III
Gold III
Diamond IV
“Really Helped Me Out, 5 Stars For Support”
Platinum III
“Thank you. Super booster, and nice attitude ! <3 !”
Gold I
“Booster do not talk much, but makes his job good”
Silver IV
“Got my plat, thanks”
Platinum IV
“perfect ! ”
Gold IV
“amazing booster. got it done EXTREMELY quick. extremely satisfied and will definitely return ”
Silver I

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I buy?

After the purchase you will be redirected to our Member’s Area, where you will be contacted with your booster. It usually takes us up to 15 minutes to find you a suitable booster.

Can I talk to my booster?

Yes - you can chat with your booster in our Member's area whenever you want during the boost.

Can I change the booster if I don't like them?

Yes - you can always contact us and request to have your order given to a different booster, for any reason.

How can I buy a boost on your site?

Choose either Solo or Duo boosting, then choose your current league, division, and LP (or your league last season for Unranked). After that you you will be presented with available boosted options, simply choose what you want and proceed to checkout.

What payments methods do you support?

Currently we support only the payment methods listed on G2A merchant service (Visa, Skrill, Webmoney, etc). To make an order via PayPal, please contact us in Skype or in LiveChat on the site.

Why should I choose you?

We offer the best possible quality for the lowest possible prices. Since we ourselves are seasoned boosters, we can offer what is the best for you for just the baseline cost.

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