After the purchase you will be redirected to our Member’s Area, where you will be contacted with your booster. It usually takes us up to 15 minutes to find you a suitable booster, and after that you will be able to talk with them for further details.

Our reputation and customer satisfaction is worth much more for us than anything we could gain from your account! We’ve been many years in the business now, and we wish to stay for many years more. Additionally, you can always restore your account with Riot support no matter what happens to it.

Not if you buy from us - we protect your account from getting banned by making the boost look exactly as if it was you yourself climbing, so Riot's search algorithms do not detect any elo boosting. And simply high winrate spikes by themselves are completely natural, and can never be a reason for a ban.

Of course - there is a direct chat with your booster available inside our Member’s Area, where you will be taken after the purchase.

Sure - you can always contact us and request to have your order given to a different booster for any reason, no questions asked.

Choose either Solo or Duo boosting, then choose your current league, division, and LP (or your league last season for Unranked). After that you you will be presented with available boosted options, simply choose what you want and proceed to checkout.

Currently we support only the payment methods listed on G2A merchant service (Visa, Skrill, Webmoney, other). To make an order via PayPal, please contact us in Skype or in LiveChat on the site.

Currently we're working on the following servers: EUW, EUNE, NA, TR, RU

We offer the best possible quality for the lowest possible prices. Since we ourselves are seasoned boosters, we can offer what is the best for you for just the baseline cost.

Within 15-30 minutes of purchase, unless you request a specific time.

No, unless you specifically allow them to.